So…I’ve been thinking

Yes…I’ve been thinking…I do that a lot.  Lately I’ve been thinking some negative thoughts, thoughts that I know don’t serve me well.  I am fully aware of the power of our thoughts, but when I am just thinking those thoughts, without being aware, it’s very easy to get carried away…to a very bad place.  (If you need to rewind…and read the first couple of sentences I’ll wait.)

…….So…after feeling really crappy for a while I did what I thought was prudent, I called a friend.  A friend who is smart, supportive, who could understand what I was going through…but more importantly who knew that to continue thinking negatively about my situation would keep me imprisoned by that situation.  It boils down to this…our reality is what we think it is. 

I have heard a couple of authors that I read put it this way – “When you change what you think about, what you think about changes”.  So if I (I’m gonna spill some beans here) believe that being a great guy is a liability when it comes to attracting a woman…then the universe will make appear before me, boat loads of women who want the “bad boy”.  Women who go after the popular guy, the player, or God forbid the jerk.  Being that I am none of the above, this situation has been very upsetting, because of course I…am a good man…just ask me. (I wish I could make that line echo….I AM A GOOD MAN…anywayzzz…)

So my very wise friend told me what I already knew, that I have to change my thoughts…that I have to think about, not what I don’t have, but what I do have.  I need to think about what I want, not what I don’t want.  When we operate from a position of despair, lack, victimization we tend to see all the world through that lens.  The more we think about how hard things are, how bad the recession is (it sucks…oops!!), how women don’t want the good men, or how men are all dogs…the more those thoughts become a part of who we are, they become ingrained in us. 

We all see the world through the filter of our experience and thought process.  The reflection of the world that we see is OUR REALITY.  If we want our reality to change we must change our filter, and when we do the world will appear differently.  The way that we change that filter is to change our thoughts.  Now, to be fair, it’s not an easy process.  We didn’t become who we are instantly, nor can we change who we are instantly.  We must become aware…of our thoughts.  Think about that.  We must notice when we are having a positive thought or a negative one.  When the negative ones that don’t serve us come up, we can simply redirect that thought to one that will benefit us or maybe just make us feel a little better in the moment.

We have all heard of self fulfilling prophecies.  We have all had an intuition that turned out to be true.  We have had a certain feeling about a person, perhaps without adequate information, and formed a bad opinion about that person.  Then we had to eat crow, when we found out we were wrong…but our thoughts made us think they were bad, bad, bad.  How many of us bought a car…and then suddenly noticed how many of those cars were on the road with us?  (Must have been a sale on Ford Explorers)   The point is this…our thoughts shape our reality. 

Here’s the thing…if we think something often enough, long enough, and intensely enough that thought will grow into a belief.  That belief will inform us, and guide us.  In time that belief will become our reality.  My friend reminded me how important it is to pay attention to what we think about.  I know this to be true…My life is exactly…no more…and no less…what I think it is…and so is yours.   Think about that.

Stay Fly and Fly High!

Ken Harge

Ken Harge

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  1. I’m glad to see you turned things around. I guess the trick is to keep “turning it around” as many times as necessary. Stand by….there’s a chance I’ll be calling so you can return the favor soon.

    When the world says, “Give up,”
    Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”
    ~Author Unknown

  2. I can’t add a lot to that,, I USED to constantly shape my reality from my own thoughts which were IMMOVABLE because my mind was SO GREAT,, (In my MIND of course). The biggest move I was able to make was not to be so STATIC in my thought processes,, things change, people change, circumstances change, how can any sane person expect to stay the SAME and survive an ever changing world… I got flexible and fluid and i started to go AROUND some of the walls , over others and through the ones that needed that tack,,, this is a great post and I expected nothing less from the YANG MAN .. PEACE HOMIE

  3. Great blog, seems like you read some good books and have some great friends! That’s always helpful. Yes, our thoughts color our world. The trick is in deliberately creating our world. By setting aside some time each day often, perhaps 3 times per day to deliberately think about the things we want to see in our lives we move from wishing and wanting into manifesting! I talk about this very topic in my book as well. Focus on the woman to be, by your side. What does she look like, sound like, feel like, behave like. How does she love, is she wise, firm and strong? Color your world one thought at a time.

  4. As usual, your honesty is refreshing. And I give much respect to
    Both you, and your friend. For you to recognize that you were in a bad place is commendable. For your friend to be able to speak to that place and bring you back is phenomenal. Our thoughts can be poison. They can bring us into the bad places and they can keep us there. Sometimes, though, the bad thoughts serve a positive purpose. For example, I’ve been feeling fat. My thoughts seemto focus squarely on the inner-tube looking development that’s happening around my once sexy waist. These totally negative thoughts, are inspiring me. As I sit here, eating lettuce, I am motivated to change my body and therefore, change my thoughts. It can work that way,no? I refuse to accept this spare tire. I will not embrace it, mentally or otherwise. I’ve also decided to stop hiding my fat. I should feel uncomfortable. I should not have to sweat in Spanxx. I should take measures to change the reality that is my body.

  5. I gotta say how true that is. A thought is so powerful. I’m a firm believer what u speak into the universe , it will at sum point be a reality. Believe it enough and it will be ur reality.
    So many people battle depression when the overwhelming negative thoughts take u to a place some people don’t make it back from. Trying to be more positive is something I’ve tried to do . Its hard to change ur thoughts being brought up in such a negative home. Even at 40 I still feel some of that baggage.
    However we will never rid ourselves of it. We can like u said Filter as best we can . Think better , believe better to be a better u!!! Word!!!

  6. I want to thank you all for your thoughtful responses. Please continue to check back and be a part of the conversation…you’re very important to this process.

  7. Wow……I know I’m a li’ behind on catching up on the writings I like to follow, and yours are on that list, but I’ve been busy following my strategically written plan for my personal and professional being, which I won’t elaborate on until I get to your latest blog:).

    Let me just say, I am a firm believer that negativity can only be negated by positivity. We all have to struggle with wiping out the negative thoughts that fill our minds but understanding the human brain will also prepare you to accept the fact that at times, the negative thoughts, actions and behaviors will surface. We will forever have to deal with negative thoughts but you don’t have to allow them to rule your life. If you really, REALLY want to erase those negative thoughts than accept first that you will never be able to delete that section of your brain but what you can do is CHOOSE to replace them when they do arise with positive reinforcements. No matter what those reinforcements are for you personally, you will notice over time that all you THINK is positive and therefore the outcome will be manifested in your actions, hence, positively dealing with the negative thoughts, actions and/or displays of ourselves and others.

    I’ve been told I live in a fantasy world because for every negative comment said to me, I end MY sentence with a positive comment and keep it moving. For example, I know that guy/gal is a jerk BUT…..they may be going through something we don’t know about so I forgive them and their jerkism! It can be annoying to someone who chooses to stay focused on that negative comment or action but as for me and my peace of mind, I choose to negate it with a positive response. I cry, scream or cuss about it but always end that rampage with a BUT……

    Lastly never forget you may have every reason to think negatively but if you want more positive thoughts to fill your brain, then you will have to fight the urge to follow suite of that negative and do what you need to do. And as always Kenny, pray, pray, pray. You WILL get the power and force that is needed to re-wire your brain.

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