The Lesson of Newtown

In the beginning God created the universe, and in it, the earth and a people with awesome potential.  These people were created with the free will to do wonderful things and equally awful things.  As the crown jewel of perfect creation, a people able to expand that perfection were put here on this third rock, to build upon an awesome foundation.  We are exactly what God made us to be…creative and free.  Here’s the thing, God already knew what we are finding out,  time and time again…Being free ain’t free.

Choices have consequences.  Wise choices yield good results, foolish choices yield bad ones.  Like an over protective parent God could have made all our choices for us, but then that would make us pretty useless.  Instead God empowered us to make whatever choices we want and to learn from the outcome of those choices. In fact the quality of our lives are the net result of the quality of our choices.  We human beings have done wonderful things, but still we make some really bad choices, and suffer because of those choices.

Tragedy beyond our ability to even understand has visited our home in Newtown, CT.  20 beautiful babies, and 6 heroic caretakers were savagely taken away from us.  Our struggle to find answers digs a hole deeper into darkness, anguish, and unbearable sadness.   We clamor for answers, forgetting that no answer will ease the hurt we all feel.  We feel indignant and angry, many of us want to blame someone…but no one is left…no one but us…you and I.

The shooter (I will not utter his name) was one of us.  He was a young man 20 years old, who could have made choices that would enrich us, and move us closer to what God knows that we can be.  Instead this person…made choices that many of us would consider evil…and all of us would consider unthinkable.  When faced with the choice to do good or or evil, he chose the latter.  Because of that choice we are all left to deal with the horrible aftermath.  20 tiny caskets, 20 wakes, and 20 funerals with 20 eulogies to celebrate lives that never really got started.  Also 6 caskets and funerals for beautiful women who loved those precious babies and undoubtedly died trying to protect them.  Additionally let’s not forget the mother killed by her crazed son.  You may wonder what this all has to do with choices…

We are all one family.  We have chosen to ignore that fact.  We are all…ALL OF US… children of a mighty and magnificent God, we have chosen to forget that fact.  We have chosen to act as if some of us don’t belong here.  They say that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.  Lessons will continue to be brought to us until we learn what we need to,  in order to move closer to the potential that God holds out for us.  The teacher has appeared as two teens in Columbine, a young man in Tucson Arizona, a soldier at Ft. Hood, a young man in Aurora Colorado, and a young man in Newtown.

The lesson these horrible, cruel, animalistic teachers have for us is this – We as the human family cannot afford to marginalize, ostracize, persecute, or ignore any of our brothers and sisters.  We are all equally important.  We all deserve love and support, and we are all responsible to give it freely to each other.  We have chosen to ignore this crucial lesson.  I believe that every single rampage shooter could have been directed down a path other that the one they chose, if they were loved, included, accepted, and given the care they needed when they were younger.

People who are loved and feel like they belong do not go on rampage shootings.  Even people who have mental illness can be treated, loved, and included enough… to prevent tragedy if it’s done early.  We must remove the stigma of mental illness.  It should raise eyebrows no more than a person who needs a broken leg mended and reset.  We as a people must make better choices regarding how we treat our fellow man.

Do we need better gun laws?  Yes.  No civilian needs an assault rifle or 500 rounds of ammunition.  But gun control is only a part of the problem, and a small part at that.  Rather than pointing the finger outward, point it inward.  The next time you see a lonely person, say hello.  Buy a stranger or better yet a strange person a cup of coffee.  If a person you know isn’t around for a while call him up and give him a few minutes of your time.  If you witness odd behaviour don’t shun that person do what you can to help them feel like they matter, and assist them in getting any help they may need.  We can choose to stay within our clique…but the cost of that is so high.  Every single person wants to belong…let them…in fact invite them.

God is patiently waiting for us to fully realize the divinity in us.  If we choose to deny it, we will continue to suffer.  If we embrace it we can crush evil, and flourish in the light of goodness and love.  Blessings to you all, but most specifically to those most closely affected by the terrible tragedy in Newtown, Ct.

Stay Fly and Fly High!

Ken Harge

Ken Harge

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  1. You are a fabulous writer Ken with the ability to have your readers feel and embrace what we and you are thinking and feeling. This is beautifully written with so much truth. It actually is just we all need to understand and realize.

  2. This is, indeed, well written and very truthful. I pray for a day when we don’t need horrific tragedy to move us to change. Thank you for sharing this wisdom.

  3. Amen, amen, amen.

    Denitra told me about this post because I shared a similar message on Facebook today. Nothing, no one is outside of God’s care. And if we are to be his servants, we are called to be his hands and heart in this world to every one of our brothers and sisters. Not the ones we get along with and who look like us. Everyone.

    Thank you for your message of compassion. I count this young man among the sacrificed. I hope we can heed his teachings before another senseless tragedy occurs again.

    Blessings to you, wise man.

  4. Great writing bro’. I love your talent for writing and I will share with my contacts. You are one of my very best friends and I value you more than you know :).

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