My Prayer for 2017

My Prayer for 2017


I pray that this New Year will be your best year ever. The New Year is largely a symbolic event that blows the breath of new possibilities into each of us. I hope that you will fill your lungs with dreams, adventure, marvel, light, and love. Love,  is both evasive and pervasive. I pray that the latter is true for you in this coming year. May you know success and the emotional rush of setting and accomplishing goals. I hope this is your year!

Please may this be the year when saying “Black Lives Matter” provokes empathy and not controversy. And may those who believe “Black Lives Matter” accept that “Blue Lives” matter too…just as much. Let this be the year that we take long deliberate steps toward each other and not away. To be color blind is to deny much of the richness of God’s creation. May this be the year we not only accept but celebrate our diversity. The rainbow of our color and culture have been masterfully painted across our globe; I hope we can step back and enjoy the picture.

I pray that 2017 will have numbers far better than these horrible statistics of 2016:

4,362 people were shot in Chicago for an average of 83 per week

957 Americans have been shot and killed by the police, many were unarmed

0 police officers have been convicted of murder or manslaughter

2.5 times is how much more likely you are to be shot and killed by the police if you are black


64 police officers were killed in the line of duty, 50% more than last year

49 people were killed at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando by a radicalized hate filled religious zealot

5 innocent police officers supporting peaceful protesters, were killed in Dallas by an evil coward

These officers names were:  Brent Thompson, Patrick Zamarripa, Michael Krol, Lorne Ahrens, and Michael Smith.  At the hands of other police officers we lost Alton Sterling and Philando Castile who were both unarmed. I pray that the families and friends of all these men can find peace and strength through the ugly cloud of violence that takes far too many lives. I pray that we all come to the realization that the way we are behaving cannot and must not be sustained. Our existence literally depends on our willingness to see ourselves in each other, and I pray that will come to pass. May all men find the ability and safe place to express their honest feelings in way that is healing and not hurtful. May the women in their lives be a soft place for men to land.

Let this be the year we look up from our phones and notice that life happens all around us while we are intoxicated by Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other multi-media vices. May we say hello to the person next to us on the bus or in an elevator, buy a stranger a coffee, or let a driver into the traffic lane in front of us. Let’s all pick up a piece of paper or a plastic water bottle, that someone else dropped on the ground, because they just didn’t understand like we do, how important it is to be good caretakers of the planet we live on.

Last year we lost so many celebrities and social icons and we are saddened by this loss. But we are sad not because they were more important than less famous people but, because we took them into our lives as friends, advisors, and informers. There were far too many for me to list in this article, but I wanted to mention some. I hope that we can look back on their lives with appreciation for what they did for us: the laughs, the music, the news, the sporting thrills and more.

Maurice White
Antonin Scalia
David Bowie
Glen Frye
Leonard Cohen
Sir George Martin
Phife Dawg
Morley Safer
Gordie Howe
Muhammad Ali
Pat Summit
Elie Wiesel
Gene Wilder
Arnold Palmer
Gwen Ifill
Craig Sager
John Glen
George Michael
Carrie Fisher and her mom Debbie Reynolds
And many more.

May we all in our own way live as well.

However, 2016 was not all bad. There were some really great things that happened and here are a few-

  • Child mortality has gone down, and continues to go down each year.
  • Thanks to that silly Ice Bucket Challenge the gene responsible for ALS has been found, meaning we are closer to a cure for a very bad disease.
  • Michael Jordan donated $2 Million to help bridge the divide between the police and the communities they serve.
  • Pandas are no longer endangered, and the tiger population is increasing.
  • 70,000 Muslim clerics have declared a fatwa against ISIS, proving all Muslims are NOT bad
  • The Orlando Shakespeare Festival actors showed up wearing angel wings to block funeral attendees for the Orlando Pulse victims from seeing hateful anti-gay protesters.
  • 200 strangers responded to an invitation to attend the funeral of a homeless WWII veteran who had no family.

No matter how many terrible things happen, there is always light between the clouds and my hope is that you will find that light with increasing regularity in 2017.

I pray that religion will no longer be used to justify hate and division. May the best of religion inspire peace, tolerance, and love.

2016 brought to us horrible political acrimony, that was far more depressing and frightening than it was inspiring and comforting. I pray that the incoming President will shoulder the mighty burden that the Presidency imposes with humility, grace, and intelligence. And may we all realize that even still in America, we can create the life we want, regardless of who serves in the White House.

It is my hope that the abundance of the Universe will open itself up to you, and that you will drink in its bounty. May you walk on a beach or through the woods, dangle your feet in a crystal clear lake, or climb a challenging rocky trail and feel community with all God’s creation and know your special place in it. May you always have someone to talk to, and may soft reassuring touches never be more than a phone call away.

We all must leave this place at some point, I pray that your life will be fully lived, and your dreams materialized before you go, whenever that is. May this New Year reveal to you the greatness of your unique design, and awaken in you the ability to take full advantage of all that you are. If you lose a loved one, I pray that you will never lose the love and joy you shared.  Speak as often as you like to the loved ones you’ve lost…they do hear you, I hope you know that. I pray that you will like yourself more tomorrow than you did yesterday, and not only spread love but open yourself up to receive it.

If a partner in life and love is what you seek, I pray that your preparation will meet up with as many opportunities as it takes to meet him or her. May deep love, acceptance, and support wrap around and embrace you.  May you know the feel, the look, and taste of intimacy. I hope that we will accept that love is love, and we all have a God given right to enjoy and experience love with the person of our choice.

I pray that 2017 brings us all closer to the divinity that runs through us, and may we see it not only in ourselves but in each other. I pray that kindness, generosity, empathy and love become commonplace. May the hard insular shells of our tribes and cliques, religions and ethnicities soften and dissolve enough to reach outside and let someone in who is different…because they are different and may you experience the joy of a bigger more awesome community.

Let the New Year begin!!!  I pray that you will live like you mean it. I can’t wait to see the amazing things you’re going to do. This is my prayer.

One Love…Really!  Amen.

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Stay Fly and Fly High!

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