Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018

Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018

Goodbye 2017.  It’s been a while since we last spoke. In fact it’s been a year. There were good times and bad. We got a new President, his name is Donald Trump. A lot of people don’t like him, but a lot of people do. His Presidency has  been at the center of a lot of conflict, sometimes between family and friends. There is so much hate and discord. I pray that better days will come and that I can be a part of the solution. Far too many times I spoke out angrily. I just didn’t know what else to do to relieve my frustration.

Back in February I had the best day of my life. After a lot of work I performed a one man stage play that I wrote. I had a great turnout and my performance was very well received, I’m grateful for that. The editing of my upcoming book has been completed. I would never have guessed how mentally and emotionally draining that process could be. But, it’s done now and I’m on the next step.

Business has been pretty good this past year, and I am so grateful because I know what it’s like to be on the brink financially. I finished the second draft of a new stage play that I’ve been working on. This one will have a cast. It’s a musical comedy about dating called “Pitchy Harmony”.  I intend to get that play into production soon.

I still don’t have a girlfriend, but I’ve been on a couple of dates. I met someone new…she is beautiful. Well…I didn’t actually meet her. She lives in another state. We spoke on the phone, but getting together has turned out to be a challenge, perhaps more of a challenge than it should be. So, I’ll hold warm thoughts and feelings in my heart for her, and remain grateful for our “fifteen minutes”. I feel so ready, please help me find a woman who is too.

So yeah 2017, here we are at the end of the road for us. I’ve learned lots of lessons from you, that I hope will inform my choices in a positive way in the new year. With all that said, I have to say goodbye to you 2017 it’s been real. But before you go, perhaps you’d like to join me in an annual ritual of mine. I say a prayer for the coming year.

Hello 2018.  I’d like you to meet an old friend of mine 2017.  She is going to join us in prayer.

I pray that this new year finds you healthy, happy, and at peace. May we all find a way to take a deep breath, and reflect on what we have in common. It is only by embracing the eternal truth that we are one, that we can get past the anger and strife we saw in 2017. I fear that one new year won’t be enough to bridge the social, political, and cultural divides that keep us in this terrible darkness that has enveloped our world. But I pray that men and women of great imagination, determination, and open-mindedness will bravely lead our people to the light. I pray that I might in some way great or small contribute to the answers we need in this world today.

I pray that men will rise up and embrace the full goodness of all that men should be. I pray that all men will respect themselves enough to respect those around them. May we revere and cherish women, rather than harass and assault them. Please fortify men with the courage to stand up against those willing to do harm to our sisters. May all men be champions for women and girls.

Please make it safe for men to be fully realized human beings, able to express the complete range of their thoughts and emotions in appropriate ways. Help us all to help young boys to mature not only physically but emotionally. May we guide, mentor, and instruct them to be young men with lives worth living, absent of senseless crime and violence.

I pray for the safety of police officers everywhere, and that they will have a spirit of kindness and empathy toward those they serve. I pray that no unarmed man will ever be killed at the hands of those mandated to serve and protect.  May mutual respect be the underpinning of all interactions between the police and the communities they work in.

We have lost so many friends and loved ones this past year. Nothing can replace their love that has gone missing, but I pray that the memories of the wonderful times we shared with those now gone, always burn vividly in our minds and hearts.  Loneliness continues to persist, and even though many put on a good game face, behind closed doors the tears of solitude flow way too often and way too freely. Help us to open our hearts, and our eyes to new possibilities. May love flow with opportunism, seeking out those whose lives have been without it for far too long.

Please help us to look out for the weak and disenfranchised. May we find solutions to care for those with mental illness. Help those of us who have something, be generous to those who don’t. May we all feel a touch or kiss or hug from someone who sees us as worthy of affection. May we all come to know deeply, our potential for greatness, and then live up to that greatness and do good for mankind.

On a personal note, I pray that you will help me to use my voice in whatever way it may be expressed to make this world a little better when I leave here than it was when I got here. May I be a shining light and a part of the solution. Please help me to be a little less quick to fire off words of disagreement, and quicker to show kindness especially when no one expects it.

2017 you’ve been great, but I have to let you go and make space for a new year filled with the promise of all dreams come true. With love…goodbye 2017 and hello 2018.


Stay Fly and Fly High,


Ken Harge

Ken Harge

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I believe I was put here on this earth to teach people how to live bigger, better, and more awesome lives. I am not always right but I always have something to say…and I am here to say it. I want to change the world, and I know that I can with a little help from my friends. So, I created The MInd of KLH blog to inform and spark the imagination of anyone desiring a world full of possibilities realized.One Love...Really!

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  1. “But I pray that men and women of great imagination, determination, and open-mindedness will bravely lead our people to the light. I pray that I might in some way great or small contribute to the answers we need in this world today.”

    This part touched me more than the rest, which was virtually impossible because most of this blog was SO deeply beautiful and truly moving to me.

    What words! What a writer!
    I am honoured to know you Ken.

    I thank you for expressing yourself. For creating a life you love and for being here in the light.

    Yesterday I worked out my purpose- my unique one here on Earth, because I actually believe our collective purpose is to ‘come to know ourselves as the divine and chose love’, that which we are.
    We are love.

    But with my gifts and talents I heard I was here to inspire people back to truth, which is love, to facilitate conversations that do that too and to share stories. Stories that are again aligned with this love. In this way, we change the world. Contributing such light to the totality of all there is.
    It’s all light. It’s all love. And what we experience here on earth needs our love now more than ever.

    I share this ken info because I believe you too share some of this purpose. You inspire and guide people back to truth. You light a way. You are love.

    Thank you for writing this piece and activating that love again in me. That message of hope and joy. You are divinely supported and I am grateful to read your words.


  2. Ken, I second that, what an honor to know you and walk this life journey with you from across the miles…it’s funny how we can connect with people on the other side of the continent the way we do without ever having met them and embraced them face to face, yet we embrace in other ways that are even stronger, I think. I stand in agreement with you in this prayer, and never will stop believing that the seemingly trivial things that we say and do impact others in ways we may never realize. We are carriers of light, and we will fulfill our destinies of bringing that light to others one day at a time, one smile at a time, one touch at a time, one word at a time, one deed at a time, one embrace at a time because we are determined to. This year we must purpose it in our hearts to come up against fear with courage. I truly believe the bravest decisions we make often don’t feel like courage, they feel like the rise you experience in your stomach just as the roller coaster drops. They feel like potential for chaos. They feel like unstoppable chemicals in a science lab, mixing together with no promises. Uncertain and wild, they outcome isn’t clear at first, or even for a while. Courage is pregnant with uncertainty and risk! But if we want to see doors open for us, if we want to step towards a dream, or a relationship, or a new life path, or just become more of who we know we are, we take the risk we know we’re supposed to take…because there is no room for thriving in a stale environment. No room for abundance in playing it safe. I’m reminded of that Anais Nin quote that says “and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” —–so now….we go out do the thing….you and I, and anyone else who dares. Let’s stay connected…I’m off facebook for a while (although I may still need to shoot a post from Yelp over there to help get the word out for local businesses, but in general, I’ll be off facebook)…but I’m still on instagram, so keep posting there plzzzzzzzz!!!!! Your Kindred, Jaime Carrillo (Mangiabella)

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